5 Coworking Myths Debunked

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Over the past decade, the coworking movement has gathered speed and momentum and as collaborative work environments spring up around the globe, it’s safe to say that there has never been a better time to take advantage of a coworking space.

However, when we speak to people who have never experienced a coworking community for themselves, we often hear many of the same misconceptions and misunderstandings over and over… So let’s bust some of the most common co-working myths once and for all!

MYTH - Co-working is the same as shared office space

The difference between coworking space and shared office space is one word… MISSION.
In a co-working space unlike a basic shared office, you can rely on in-house coordinators whose mission is to foster collaboration and networking as well as creating a platform that gives members the best opportunity to build their great ideas and grow their businesses.
The difference between coworking space and a communal office is the difference between a community and a crowd. It’s a sense of support, shared values, goals and outlook. Even if the reason you want to co-work does not revolve around collaboration, the simple act of existing in a creative space helps breed creativity.

MYTH – Collaboration is mandatory

It’s not all wide-open space and teamwork…not if you don’t want it to be. You are free to choose how you want to work, and just sharing meeting rooms, conference rooms and amenities is a type of collaboration as it keeps overheads down and rents low for all members. There’s more than one way to work together after all.

With options for private offices and project spaces, all you have to do is swing the door closed and operate exactly how you choose with no need for compromise.

MYTH - Coworking spaces are busy and loud

In most coworking spaces you’ll find a certain level of noise, laughter, chatter and action going on throughout the day, but working alongside like-minded business people doesn’t need to be ‘hectic’ as many co-working communities are designed to cater for all work styles and you can choose the space that is right for you.
Also, studies suggest that working in a buzzy coworking community can actually help boost productivity and promote good business practices. With private offices, break out spaces and private meeting rooms available for you and your clients, it’s easy to find the perfect blend of dedication, flexibility and location.

MYTH - Coworking is just for freelancers

If you’ve got a small, medium or large business then coworking could work for you. Don’t believe the myth that only young people and start-ups choose these spaces. It’s a wide-ranging ecosystem of businesses, individuals and everything in between.
Co-working is inclusive by definition and attracts a range of ages, backgrounds, experiences and skillsets. Don’t let the popular stereotype of a coworking space put you off making the leap. You’ll be amazed at what you discover when you do.
Even corporations are recognising value of flexibility and space for their operations, and as the coworking movement expands, so too do the types of business that call co-working home.

MYTH - There’s no space for really large teams

Not true! There are coworking options available to you no matter if it’s just you, a team of two or a team of two hundred. Whether you’re a corporation or a growing business, there is no reason why co-working shouldn’t be for you.
High-speed internet, landlines and dedicated office space is just a small part of what you can expect when choosing a co-work space for your large team. Christie Spaces is CBD located and available right now to accommodate teams of any size in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
Don’t let co-working myths get in the way of finding a workspace that really works for you.


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23 March 2019

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