The Christie Spaces Back to Work Guide

Updated October 2021


Christie Spaces is committed to helping your team return to work safely With the easing of restrictions, many of our members are beginning to think about returning to work at our offices. All of our buildings are continuing to operate as they have done so throughout the entirety of COVID-19. With national roadmaps now announced, we would like to share with you the initiatives we have put in place to help you and your team return to the office safely and our compliance with State and Federal Government regulations.

Christie Spaces Workplace Safety Protocols:

Face masks are currently recommended (when not eating or drinking) in most indoor settings throughout NSW, QLD & VIC, this includes office space and common area settings in our properties. Anyone on Christie Spaces property in these states is recommended to wear a face mask until this mandates changes.

Use of the Service NSW QR code is mandatory at all workplaces and retail businesses from Monday 12 July. Upon entry to Christie Spaces properties in NSW and VIC it is a requirement to sign-in using the QR code located at all entry points or the sign-in sheet at ground floor reception. This also applies to any guests or contractors who may be visiting your workspace.

Several hand sanitiser stations have been placed in all common areas of our buildings for public use. Please make sure to frequently use hand sanitiser when using common touchpoints or when in common areas.

Cleaning services throughout our buildings have been increased, with a focus on common areas and common touchpoints. Our cleaning staff have been provided personal protective equipment for their safety, as well as the safety of our members.

Antibacterial wipes have been provided in all meeting rooms and common areas, in addition to available hand sanitiser and extra cleaning services. Please use these to wipe down common areas, such as lunch tables, meeting rooms and kitchen areas before and after use.

Maintain a 1.5m distance from others to comply with national social distancing recommendations. These recommendations should be followed in all indoor spaces; including private offices, meeting rooms, common areas and lifts.

Open communication between members and staff is encouraged. Please advise the community team immediately of any suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in your team or workspace. We will continue to update members of any developments via email and the Christie Spaces app. HANDWASHING
Antibacterial soap has been provided in all bathrooms and kitchens. Posters have been placed throughout common areas, bathrooms and kitchens to encourage and remind all members and staff to practice good personal hygiene.

Whilst we are looking forward to recommencing our member events, restrictions currently apply to large indoor group gatherings (such as social and networking events) in the office and common areas. Large events or gatherings are strongly discouraged to comply with social distancing measures and Government restrictions. Restrictions are anticipated to ease in the coming month across NSW & VIC. Staff and members are encouraged not to congregate in large groups or in close quarters.

Our end of trip facilities continue to be provided and are available for members to utilise to avoid public transport. These facilities continue to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Be aware of the 1.5m social distancing recommendation when using these areas.

All contractors within the property are required to practice social distancing and high standards of personal hygiene at all times. Some may be wearing PPE as part of their uniform.

Our buildings air conditioning and ventilation continues to be maintained and operate at a high standard and in line with current health advice including regular filter changes and required fresh air intake volumes.

Implementing your own workplace safety protocols:

If anyone on your team is unwell or experiencing flu-like symptoms, advise them to stay home and get tested. As the rest of your team may be considered close contacts, you should then exercise caution when allowing workers into the office.

Enforce physical distancing measures between your team in the office or common areas. Christie Spaces recommends a 1 person per 4sqm standard. A good measure is to only allow half the amount of workers in an office to the number of desks. EG: a 6 desk office is suitable for 3 people.

While cleaning services have been increased throughout common areas, please ensure to maintain your own personal cleaning practices in your private office space and when using meeting rooms or common areas.

Encourage your team and visitors to monitor their temperature before arriving at the office and stay home if they have any doubts about their wellness.

Provide personal hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes for your team within your private office space. Ensure that each team members uses the sanitiser and wipes when touching common points and when regularly cleaning their own work station.

Consider the introduction of team rostering to help enforce physical distancing in the office and at break times in common areas.

If you would like any further information on our workplace safety protocols or have any questions, please reach out to a Community team member.

Together let's keep our workplace safe!

Return to Work, COVID-19
18 October 2021

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