How Coworking Spaces Inspire Workers

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Coworking spaces have steadily been gaining popularity, with hundreds popping up around the world in the last few years.  Many workers have been benefiting from co-working spaces’ open environment, professional tone, and community interactions. Here are just a few ways co-working spaces inspire the best from workers.

Sense of Community

Perhaps the best factor of coworking spaces is the sense of community you feel.  Coworkers typically feel more comfortable talking amongst each other in a shared setting rather than a traditional office space as the lack of cubicles make workers feel less isolated.  There isn’t a competition of fighting for the next promotion, because everybody is self-driven and many work for different companies. Co-working spaces encourage workers to bounce ideas off of one another and build lasting connections, something that traditional offices often don’t provide.

Nobody is stuck seeing the same faces every day or being forced to work with people they aren’t compatible with. Working in a shared space can also be great for people who are more introverted because it allows them to come out of their shells and interact with the people around them if they so choose.  

Many people who work in traditional office settings often feel a sense of isolation and sometimes feel depressed because of the lack of socialisation on a daily basis. Coworking spaces encourage workers to be more creative and network with the people around them rather than work alone all day.

Greater Emphasis on Equality

In a traditional office setting, the “boss” typically has an office that is separate from everybody else’s.  In coworking spaces, everyone works equally amongst each other. This helps improve workplace morale and makes each person feel as though they are equal.  Co-working spaces make workers feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, which in turn boosts confidence and improves the work being put forth.  When people feel that they are part of something, the desire to work hard and strive for success is greater than working alone.

Decreases Stress

Working in a non-traditional work environment can significantly decrease stress and anxiety among workers.  Coworking spaces typically have a more modern layout, with high ceilings, lounge areas and plenty of natural light, making a more relaxing environment for workers. Natural sunlight has been proven to be a mood booster and is generally more favourable than fluorescent office lighting. Co-working spaces allow workers to get work done in a calm and relaxing environment, free from the stress of a typical office space.  Coworking spaces can also decrease feelings of depression and isolation, as interacting with like-minded people can improve one’s mood and give a daily dose of socialisation. Overall, co-working spaces are a great alternative to traditional office spaces and tend to allow more creativity, socialisation, and positive thinking.  

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3 September 2019

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