Is a Shared Office Space the Right Choice for You?

Shared Office

The concept of shared office space is growing in popularity in recent years with many businesses and independent workers adopting this idea - especially after the pandemic. Many companies are finding the concept of shared office space a more beneficial model for their businesses. After a year or so of working from home, several companies are encouraging workers to follow a hybrid working model, which opens up the possibility of shared office spaces. As many companies have successfully implemented the same and it has encouraged more to follow their suit.

What is a shared office space?

Before you can answer whether a shared office is the right choice for you, you should be clear about what is a shared office. A shared office is nothing but office units and workstations rented out or shared with other companies to offer flexible office space options. A great alternative to the conventional office setup, the shared offices and workspaces can eliminate the underutilisation of spaces and share the costs of your workspace in one easily digestible monthly rate.

Benefits for businesses

Shared office spaces are an excellent way for start-up businesses to reduce overhead costs and save money spent on long-term leases. In contrast to a conventional office setup, where the business owners have to commit to long-term leases and recurring overheads, a shared office doesn’t require all that. Expenses such as the acquisition of new office equipment, office maintenance charges, repair costs, service charges, and utility bills are some of the services included in a shared office space.

It means that you don’t have to pay extra for any of these services, which you would’ve had to pay in a conventional office.  Business owners can be free from these day-to-day establishment worries because the share office service provider usually takes care of all the services and the facilities.

Furthermore, working around others generates a community feel, which fosters better productivity and creativity. The shared office spaces offer a professional environment where people come together to work without any distractions.

Benefits for independent workers

If you are an independent worker, you’ll see that at first that working from home feels fine and the best option. However, soon the lack of a formal office environment can make you feel isolated and ill-equipped within your industry. A shared office is a better option in such cases because often it motivates you further when you work around other people, in a workspace environment. When you are surrounded by creative workers who are enthusiastic about their work, it motivates you also to do better. A relaxed yet professional atmosphere stimulates you so that you can get better output.

Furthermore, if a group of freelancers is working in the same office, under the same roof, it helps them professionally. It is a great way to connect and network with people – it can sometimes be the best place to find new clients too.

Whether you need a tiny virtual office or a fully furnished customised space, shared office space is a great option for you. If you are an SME, you’ll find the perfect package that suits your budget and business requirements. So why wait? Find out more about shared office spaces here.

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11 July 2022

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