Here’s How To Get Your Team Excited To Work

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With a rise in remote working and hybrid working in recent years, getting employees to get excited about the workplace is more challenging than ever. Amidst the Great Resignation, employee turnover continues to rise, with some Australian companies shelling out more than $40K (per new candidate) to engage and retain new staff. For small and medium-sized businesses in particular, this can affect the likelihood of survival. Well-being is a top priority for employees looking for a new job, so for businesses that can’t afford to win over employees with greater remuneration, fostering a desirable working environment can make all the difference.

Many businesses are turning to coworking spaces as a solution to their problems, offering flexibility to employees with hybrid working options and the opportunity for increased collaboration, networking events, and cost savings. By switching away from a traditional office-based work environment, employers can get employees excited to come to work.

Easy Ways To Get Your Team Excited To Work

Getting employees excited to work and reducing employee turnover can help improve productivity, create a positive work environment, and save your business time and money.

Choose The Right Space

Whether it’s a coworking space or a traditional office setup, offices - and their location - would ideally align with company culture. For many companies, the cost is the most important when selecting an office or coworking space, but the sacrifice in choosing the wrong workspace can have a significant impact on employee well-being and happiness. For creative and artistic businesses, consider the environment of the office and its location. Is it a space where you will get the best out of your employees? If your employees mainly commute via car, is there adequate parking space, or will you compensate your team for parking costs?

If your company is focused on sustainability, is the space you’re working in carbon-neutral or at least eco-friendly?

Whilst these may seem like trivial factors, everything matters when you are trying to get your employees excited to come to the office. 

Create An Environment That Employees Want To Work In

Putting aside location and convenience, fostering an enjoyable work environment can make all the difference when getting your employees excited about being in the office. When working from home, employees can work in their pyjamas or at least be more comfortable, so if you want to get your team excited about coming into the office, you have to make it worth their while. 

For business owners who are concerned most about the bottom line, such triviality can seem insignificant and unnecessary, but it can make all the difference to your team. If you have a strict business dress code in the office, consider relaxing it. When employees feel comfortable and at home in their workspace, they're more likely to be engaged and productive. Your team’s stress points give you an opportunity to relieve them, and make them more loyal to your business. 


For many old-fashioned thinking employers, salary and having a job should be enough of a reason to be excited for work. However, with new generations of employees valuing their mental health and inflation combined with a cost-of-living crisis delivering a dangerous combination, throwing money at the problem doesn’t seem to be the answer either, as employees are realising that they can have both salary and job satisfaction.

As the cost of hiring an employee has increased to an average of $23,000 per candidate, the cost of retention is far lower than replacement. Annual pay rises are one way that businesses can incentivise workers, but to get employees excited about going to the office, focusing attention on the office environment is very important, too. Whether it’s encouraging networking, hosting community-building events, or making time each day or each week for employees to just spend time with each other, you can make work feel less like work. This doesn’t mean suggesting employees eat with each other during their designated breaks, but by giving more time for them to improve their relationships outside of these breaks. 

Take your team for brunch, clock off early to go for after-work drinks, or offer a day off where you go as a team to an event, or create your own tradition. Such actions might seem counter-productive, but it can make a big difference in the well-being of your employees if these community-building events help to break up a demanding high-pressure routine.


With the rise of remote working, getting employees excited about coming to work means offering facilities that they don’t have at home. Whether it’s equipping your office with wide-screen monitors to help out multi-taskers, providing quality office chairs, or purchasing a quality coffee machine, little touches can help your team enjoy being in the office. Encourage your employees to take advantage of amenities your office or coworking space has on offer, and make use of the space's resources. By providing your employees with access to these perks, you can help them feel more comfortable and productive in the coworking space.


With the rise of remote and hybrid working setups, enforcing a strict office-only policy can be detrimental. Offering flexibility with work location can help improve team morale, even if they don’t take you up on it. In a traditional office space, this is usually not promoted because when employees aren’t in the office, the space is still being paid for, however, the flexibility of coworking spaces can help. As you only pay for what you use - which is often charged per desk - your company doesn’t foot the bill. 

Why Your Business Should Choose Christie Spaces

If your business is located in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne, Christie Spaces has hotdesking and private office solutions to help your team get excited to be in the office. With central locations in the heart of the CBD in three of Australia’s biggest cities, our spaces are easy to reach with accessible travel links. Our flexible hot desks, part-time offices, and private offices give teams access to a range of other facilities and amenities to make each work day special. 


Coworking spaces in particular can offer a variety of benefits for businesses and can help create a positive and engaging workplace culture. By choosing a space that aligns with your company culture, making the workplace more comfortable, hosting networking and community-building events, offering amenities, and being flexible with schedules, you can help get your employees excited to come to work.

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15 June 2023

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