Arno Wezenaar of the Macarthur Institute and IIA Australia

Meet our Members: Arno from Melbourne

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Based in Melbourne, Arno Wezenaar is a co-founder of the MacArthur Institute and member of the Institute of Internal Auditors Australia & New Zealand and has been a member of Christie Spaces since 2017.

With a strong passion for education, Arno and his two organisations work to improve the career opportunities of everyday Australians by converting practical work skills into formal Bachelor and Master's degree accreditations. By evaluating valuable work experience and history, Arno helps those looking to obtain a certain qualification for career advancement, those who need internationally recognised qualifications, and anyone with the need to have their experience recognised for further study.

Operating from the Christie Spaces Collins Street building, Arno also works to provide excellent networking and learning opportunities for professionals within Christie Spaces. He achieves this by bringing professional and creative solutions to those who want to further their career, lives and ambitions at our various networking events. He truly is an asset to our wider coworking community!

We look forward to seeing you around the building, Arno!

If you’re interested in furthering your career opportunities with the MacArthur Institute or the IIA, learn more here:

The Macarthur Institute

Institute of Internal Auditors Australia & New Zealand

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17 June 2020

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