Meet our Members: Earnd from Sydney


Welcome to our Spring St building Earnd!

Founded in 2018 by Australian entrepreneurs Josh Vernon & Serge Kotlyarov, Earnd is an organisation that works on closely the costly gap between earning your money and getting paid!

Earnd's on-demand pay feature gives employees control over when and how they are paid so that employees can manage their pay their way. When employees have flexible access to their pay; they can plan and budget their salary better and further into the future. This means that employees who use Earnd are less reliant on high-cost credit and have a stronger schedule for their budget.

CEO Josh Vernon recently had the opportunity to present at the HR Leaders Forum, alongside business executives from Hungry Jacks and BPAY. Great job guys, we'll see you around the building!

Members, Sydney, Innovation
27 June 2021

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