Start 2021 with a Bang and Find the best workspace for you!

New Year, New Workspace

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If you’re looking to start 2021 afresh for yourself or yourself, boost your productivity or just need a bit of a change - reconsider your workplace and your work-life!

Now that 2020 is finally over and many businesses are beginning the slow migration back into the office with a flexible schedule –it’s the perfect time to reconsider what an ideal office space looks like for you, your team and your business.

What exactly works as an ideal workspace is dependent upon the unique needs of individuals and organisations.

The biggest factors to consider are:

  • Are you an individual, group, or larger organisation?
  • Is the work of your business done individually or does it require collaboration?
  • What is the size of each of your collaboration team/s?
  • What types of different work styles does your organisation use (i.e. individual work, collaborative work, meetings, presentations, etc.)?
  • Do you have a permanent staff or will there be a rotation of different teams and individuals?
  • If you are an individual, do you prefer a set desk or enjoy changing your environment?

By asking yourselves these questions, you can begin to get a clear picture of the ideal working environment for you and/or your team. To further narrow this down, let’s go through the different types of workspaces and the best features about them.

Private Office Spaces

Private office spaces are ideal for businesses or projects that want to have a dedicated and private work environment for teams of any size. Having a private space for your team means that you can be highly flexible, switching between independent work, collaborative work, meetings, and presentations whenever necessary.

Private office spaces are also useful if you want to keep your organisation’s work private and secure. You have the keys, can access the space 24/7 and can keep any files or equipment completely secure.

If you are an individual looking for your own designated CBD office space, a private office may also be advantageous. Many people find private office work more productive than work done in communal areas like cafes, libraries, or shared working spaces. Some research suggests that working alone can increase concentration and work efficiency. However, this will depend on your personality, as well as the type of work you are doing.

Whether you work within an organisation or on your own, private offices can also make it easier to strike the right work-life balance. Having a dedicated office space away from home can create clearer boundaries between your work-life and home-life.

Striking this balance can be particularly difficult in this era of hyperconnectivity. Finding techniques to ‘go offline’ is made a lot easier when you can physically change environments. Having designation ‘work’ and ‘personal’ spaces provides bonus run-on effects for improving mental health and reducing the potential for burnout. This can be especially important if you are an individually run business.

Hot Desks

Hot desks have recently become known in the last few years as a revolutionary way of organising work environments and patterns. Hot desks operate on a first-come-first-serve basis, where you are able to pick a new area every time and begin working!

Hot desking can make your work environment more dynamic, eliminating the monotony of work routines or helping you set a new work rhythm - therefore increasing or reinvigorating your productivity. Deloitte reported last year that 30% of multinational firms were already employing hot desking, while 45% were planning on introducing it to their workspaces by 2020.

Hot desks are ideal if you want to break yourself or your team out of repetitive work cycles and energise the work environment. Hot desking can also be a big draw for potential employees because it can reflect a work culture of flexibility, collaboration and community.

Hot desking is also ideal if you are working independently and want to be more productive. Research suggests that working near people you don’t know can improve your concentration and boost productivity.

Project Space

Project spaces come with a lot of the benefits of private office spaces, but you also get the flexibility of a short term, dynamic lease and open-plan spaces. While you would assume that project spaces, may only be used in. the one-off event of a large project, these types of workspaces are widely available and can be incredibly effective as a permanent workspace for the right type of business. Businesses that require agile spaces, access to high-speed internet, flexible break-out of collaboration spaces frequently should consider the possibility of a permanent project space as their office.

From an organisational perspective, you can use this space flexibly, rearranging your team to perform coworking jobs or independent work as necessary. As with hot desking, many potential employees are also attracted to project spaces because they promote collaboration and dynamic work culture. For many people, this kind of collaboration is essential for them to produce their best work.

Finding the ideal workspace for yourself or your team depends on your business and workstyle - we hope these handy explanations on the benefits of each workspace has helped you decide just what the best environment for your business might be!

To find out more about all the flexible workspaces available and how the right type of workplace can help or just for more information - contact a member of the Christie Spaces team today!


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Tuesday, 05 January 2021

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