Seven Ways Coworking is Redefining the Way We Work

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Nearly three-quarters of startups are now based in coworking spaces according to a Startup Muster survey. That means more business people than ever before are starting to see the value in flexible and collaborative workspaces.

In a world where people only stay in one job for an average of 4.4 years, maybe it isn’t too surprising that many of us are breaking-off our long-term relationship with the nine-to-five grind and embracing a style of work that champions autonomy and flexibility.

Here are seven enticing ways co-working is changing the way we work… forever.

1. Room to go and room to grow

Many of the world’s greatest businesses started in a garage. Apple, Disney, Amazon and Google to name a few. But when it’s time to unleash your life-changing idea out into the world, you need somewhere where you can expand and grow. Potential clients might be a little turned off to find out your company’s HQ consists of a moth-eaten sofa in your Mum’s basement, no matter how delicious her freshly-baked ginger snap cookies. You need a professional space to meet clients and innovate with staff. Co-working spaces give you the flexibility to grow your business organically in a work environment that works for you. Start with a single desk and upgrade to a private office or your own project space when your business needs it.

2. Teamwork makes the dream work

‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, is an old adage for business success that continually seems to ring true. We challenge you to set up in a co-working space and try not to grow your professional and social networks. Okay, maybe don’t actively try. The point is; co-working spaces naturally encourage business connections to flourish. According to a co-working study conducted by Haworth, freelancers who decided to start working from a co-working space have reported their business network to increase by up to 80 per cent! Designed for collaboration, co-working spaces will see you you become integrated into a passionate, driven community that motivates you, shares skills and resources and gives you the opportunity to outsource work and bring in business.

3. Your accountant will thank you

When you’re just starting out in business it’s fair to say that nothing stays the same for very long, except perhaps your bottom line. It can be hard to keep your business ticking over with crucial costs like overheads, salaries and a well-stocked bar fridge (just for Fridays though, right?) to take care of. The flexibility and affordability of co-working can make all the difference in the early days of this journey, helping you to hit the ground running and keeping your startup dreams alive.

4. Because this is the startup generation

Millennials are the first ‘native technologist’ generation, making it is easier than ever before to start your own business if you have the skills. With the number of self-employed Australians having doubled in the last 5 years, (reaching almost 4 million in 2017) this generation is truly becoming the start-up generation. Rising numbers of start-ups and freelancers are having a noticeable effect on the way we work, contributing to the explosion of coworking spaces.

5. Find your balance

There is no such thing as co-work and no play in the world of collaborative thinking and innovative communities.

Weekly networking and social events as well as wellness activities such as yoga and meditation help you to maintain a healthy work/life balance. And with many co-working spaces now opting to run 24/7, you can choose where, when and how you work, giving you more freedom than ever before.

6. It’s all about the location

When it comes to traditional office space, you may find that you need to sacrifice location for affordability. Consider not renewing your lease for your windowless office suite in that suburb you hadn’t previously heard of. For an affordable price, you can create an incredible working environment for your people and an awesome first impression for your clients in some of the most inspiring co-working spaces in Australia and around the world. Forget meeting in Starbucks when you can deliver your killer presentation in a badass boardroom.

7. You can always jack it in

If you find that life in a collaborative space is just not for you or you need to move suddenly to take advantage of outside opportunities… Just quit!

The flexible nature of the coworking lease means you aren’t tied down to long-term rental agreements, leaving you free to change how you choose to operate as your business changes. There’s an amazing sense of freedom in being able to react quickly and decisively in the best interests of your great ideas!

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17 April 2018

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