The Value Of Coworking Spaces For Entrepreneurs

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Coworking spaces are often described as ‘ecosystems’ and ‘environments’.

And beyond the pretty-sounding words, it is the true interconnectivity and sense of biological community that inspires this comparison with the natural world.

The coworking movement itself has a lot in common with the values of the 1.18 million humans that populate collaborative workspaces around the globe and that is why so many entrepreneurs find a natural ally in community hubs, shared offices and flexible business communities.

Whether you’re currently signed up to restrictive lease or working from your kitchen table, there are workspace options out there that share the same values that you do.

So let’s check out just a few of the values we share:


If your business means that weekends are simply a nice idea in theory, then the option of a 24/7 structured workspace is just what you need.

More and more coworking spaces are aligning themselves with the day and night, seven days a week attitude of their members. They value flexibility because you value flexibility and the coworking industry is ideally set up to provide the work-life balance, location and agility that freelancers and entrepreneurs crave.

The simple truth is that the best time to work is when it’s time to work and as Dolly Parton once said: ‘Working nine-to-five… that’s no way to make a living.’


Networking revolves around building value-based relationships. Meeting like-minded individuals and businesses that will not only help your business today but may assist you further down the track.

Coworking spaces live and breathe by their networks. As entities, coworking offices rely on attracting a variety of different fields and industries, and the more diversity the better it works.

Money Management.

Understanding your numbers is vital for every business, even the coworking business. That is why most spaces don’t require long-term contracts or sign up fees. It makes financial sense to attract the best talent to space by providing flexible and workable offices and a point of difference other offices cannot provide.

The USP of the coworking space is based around the ability of the entrepreneurs and business owners to make on the spot decisions about their operations. That is why the things you value become the things your coworking space will value too.

Because when you succeed, they succeed.


For entrepreneurs, being goal-oriented is a vital skill for growing their businesses. From hiring employees to driving sales figures, a high level of self-motivation is key.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded humans who inspire you, drive you and relate to your mission can play a key role in the success or failure of a growing business.

From your micro-goals to your macro goals, a common sense of purpose and determination goes a long way!

Learning Junkies.

As industries change and evolve it has never been more important to be constantly learning and adapting. Industry leaders get that way through reading more, watching more and absorbing as much new information as possible.

So it is with coworking hubs. Keeping up to speed with tech startups is no easy feat and the best collaborative spaces are constantly searching for the best ways to create a seamless experience.

And when you surround yourself with a wide range of different businesses, you’ll have access to a greater variety of skillsets… sometimes who you know impacts what you know.


The ability to think on your feet and adapt to any situation is an important tool for anyone breaking into the world of business. The ability to make quick effective decisions can make all the difference.

Starting alone or with one or two staff, can you expand your operation, or in an emergency, can you easily scale back?

Coworking is an adaptable and agile way of expanding your business into a large project space or reducing your team to a few key members in a private office, depending on the situation.


Self-confidence is a great trait for an entrepreneur and it isn’t even something you need to be born with. The simple act of standing by your great idea before the rest of the world gets it yet will take nerve and that builds self-belief.

Coworking spaces around the world are filled with courageous self-starters who are backing themselves and their awesome business ideas. They’re filled with industry leaders who got there by believing in themselves and entrepreneurs constantly taking new risks.

It is these shared values and more that connect us all.

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2 March 2019

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