What is a Training Room?

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The modern business world operates at a rapid pace, and it’s essential that companies keep their employees’ skills and knowledge up to date. In the old days, it used to be the case that you would accept an entry role, become proficient at it, and then stay in that role until a major change or a promotion occurred. 

Those days are more or less behind us now. 

Particularly since the IT boom, virtually all workers across all industries and job types have a recurring need to update and refresh their skillset. But we are very, very far from being past any educational hump. In particular, the growth of Artificial Intelligence technology has caused experts to predict that a massive percentage of the global workforce will have their jobs taken or significantly altered by some form of AI technology (for example, 37% of jobs in the UK, 47% of jobs in the US, and 77% of jobs in China).

Because of this the global workforce, now more than ever, needs to be continually learning. 

This is where the usefulness of regular training and training rooms comes in—an essential tool for getting companies to work faster and smarter than their competitors. But what exactly is a training room and how does it work? In this article, we will explain the ins and outs of training rooms and how they can be used to help companies reach peak performance.

Training Room Definition 

A training room is a designated room used for the purposes of informing a company’s employees about new skills and information relevant to their work. A training room will be specifically designed for the purposes of delivering information to groups of employees, and possibly also to facilitate learning or interactive activities. 

Having said this, not all training rooms are the same, and any given training room should be adaptable to the different ways in which employees will need to interact with instructors and each other during seminars or programs. 

What Is a Training Room Used For?

The most straightforward use of a training room is to educate employees about a specific body of knowledge that they need to know in order to perform their jobs better. 

For example, imagine an accountancy firm takes on a large new client. In order to be able to complete the accounting for this new client, it may be necessary to educate certain working groups about the operational details of the new client’s business, or perhaps the industry they work within. To do this effectively, they would need to develop appropriate educational materials and set aside a period of time to deliver them to the relevant employees (anywhere between a few hours and a few weeks). The training room would then be the dedicated facility that is used to deliver those materials. 

As alluded to above, one of the more common types of workforce training that occurs in the modern workplace has to do with skills rather than factual information. In particular, IT skills are critical.

For example, a company will move some portion of its operations onto a new piece of software. This might be a new piece of inventory management software or a new client web-interface. In this case, the training room would be used to teach employees about how to use this new software, often by giving them the opportunity to interact with the new software during the training program. 

These two examples give a good indication of the common ways in which training rooms are utilised, but they are far from the only ways. Some other examples of what a training room is used for might include:

  • Educating employees on techniques for talking with clients
  • Delivering regular updates on industry developments
  • Practising employee collaboration strategies
  • Informing staff of new company policies and protocols

Training at Christie Spaces

At Christie Spaces, we appreciate the needs of modern businesses to not only stay up to date but also to stay ahead of the game. This is why all of our project spaces and meeting rooms, as well as our conference rooms and venues, are fully adaptable to be used as training rooms when you need them. 

Our rooms come fully equipped with the necessary technology to deliver information effectively, and they are also entirely adaptable to different types of training modes and activities. 

So, don’t get complacent and don’t let your team lag behind. 

Stay sharp and keep training!



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4 March 2021

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