What is a Serviced Office?

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What is a serviced office, anyway?

How does it work? How is it ‘serviced’?

In this article, we will answer all of these questions. We’ll take you right inside a serviced office so you can see exactly how one works and all it’s benefits. 

Serviced Office Meaning

What does serviced office mean in simple terms?

Here’s a straightforward serviced office definition:

Rentable office space that comes already furnished and with one or more commercial office services and amenities included. 

Different serviced offices will provide a wide range of service options, but the most common services included in a serviced office contract are things like cleaning and WiFi. Much like renting a serviced apartment, serviced offices also include basic amenities like water, gas, and electricity.

But let’s break this down a little bit more to see how serviced offices actually work and what further services they can provide.

How Does a Serviced Office Work?

The basic premise of a serviced office is that it comes ready-to-move-in. So, when you rent one, you can effectively set up shop the same day as you sign the contract. 

In this sense, serviced offices are quite different to traditional office spaces. When renting a traditional office space, services such as gas, water and electricity need to organised and connected and taking quite of bit of time to actually set up. Furniture needs to be purchased and moved in; the space needs to be cleaned; electronics need to be set up; WiFi needs to be organised and installed (among other things). 

At Christie Spaces, we offer all of our serviced office spaces ready to go with ergonomic chairs and desks, business-class printers, super-fast WiFi, and much more.

Once you sign up, you just bring your laptop in and you’re good to go. It’s that simple. 

You should also get 24/7 access to your serviced office so that you can use the office whenever you need it. 

Serviced offices can also come in all different sizes, so whether you’re a sole trader or an established firm, you can move your work seamlessly to a new location. At Christie Spaces, we offer everything from private single offices to shared office spaces, hot desks, project spaces, and suites accommodating 100 or more employees. 

The Services of a Serviced Office

We mentioned that most serviced offices come with basic services like cleaning and WiFi connection, but let’s look at some of the further possibilities of this sort of work setup. Here is a rundown of some of the extra services that you would benefit from in a Christie Spaces serviced office, for example.


We offer 24/7 security for all of our office spaces. If you lease a private office space, you can also lock it securely. In our shared office spaces, we also offer lockable filing cabinets for each user.

Mail and Package Handling

Our serviced offices come with a comprehensive mail and package handling service. As soon as you take up your contract, you can start diverting your mail to your new professional CBD postcode and we’ll take care of the rest.

Bookable Meeting Rooms

All of our premises have professional meeting rooms on-site, which you can book as and when you need them. You can use the Christie Spaces app to choose a time that suits you. With Zoom TV screens in select meeting rooms and screen sharing in every other meeting rooms, you can hold teleconferences or give engaging presentations. 

Concierge Services

Want to make a good first impression? Professional concierge services will do the trick.

Dedicated Community Team

Something that makes Christie Spaces unique is the emphasis we place on developing vibrant environments that people love working in. All of our premises, therefore, have a dedicated community team. This team puts on regular professional networking and social events for you to attend, as well as on-site support.


Our serviced offices also come with access to an array of amenities to make your work more enjoyable and boost productivity. We offer access to beautifully furnished breakrooms, games rooms as well as stunning modern kitchens. So, you can feel free to get away from the desk whenever you need to have a break with a coworker or grab a bite to eat. 

Transport Access

To complete the package of professional office space, we also offer parking options and bike racks so that you can get in and out of work with ease. All of our offices are located in prime CBD locations, as well, so you can easily get to work via public transport. 

What Sort of Enterprises Benefit from a Serviced Office?

Really, there is no enterprise that doesn’t benefit from the professionalism and convenience of a fully serviced office space. 

Some firms enter a serviced office during transition phases when old leases expire, but then they end up staying because it offers amenities that are just unaffordable in a freestanding office space. 

Startups often need to be able to establish office space without being locked into a costly multi-year contract and the sunk cost of furnishing it. Serviced offices provide a readymade solution to get things rolling without unnecessary expenditure and without fuss. 

Sometimes businesses need or want to expand into new markets and a serviced office is the easiest way of doing so. Likewise, sole traders and partnerships often want to establish a dedicated office space with a premium postcode and professional services. A serviced office represents the possibility of materialising this objective instantly.

In sum, serviced offices provide a level of professionalism, functionality, and convenience in a cost-effective manner. They are useful for businesses of all types and sizes. If you are interested in getting your business set up in a serviced office instantly, get in touch with a Christie Spaces consultant today to see what facilities best suit your needs. 


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14 April 2021

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