What's it Like Working in a Shared Office Space

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As more and more companies are opening up to telecommuting and freelancing, coworking is quickly becoming a viable alternative to working from home or a conventional office. Coworking has several advantages, such as increased social interaction, access to fully equipped conference rooms, and the ability to establish a better work-life balance. All these make shared office spaces truly attractive for companies and employees.

What is coworking?

Coworking is an office-sharing arrangement between individuals or multiple businesses. In certain cases, the arrangement can be informal. For instance, a business owner who owns or leases an ample office space subletting desks and offices to others.

Coworking spaces can operate as formal businesses by renting out desk and office space to freelancers, telecommuters, or business travellers. The operation models might vary, with some coworking spaces charging periodical rents (daily, weekly, or monthly) and others selling memberships to allow the use of the workspace and its amenities. Generally, coworking spaces don't prefer long-term membership contracts or leases.

As mentioned earlier, the space arrangements in a coworking space also vary. While some coworking businesses rent out desk space on a first-come, first-served basis, others are more formal. In the former case, you'll bring your laptop to work each day and sit at any available workspace – there's no fixed space for anyone. In the latter case, you'll be assigned specific desks or offices. You can have formal offices and open-plan seating according to the available space and arrangement.

Apart from offering office space and shared use of amenities, some coworking space owners facilitate collaboration between various members by sponsoring networking events. For instance, Christie Spaces provides a wide range of facilities such as office spaces, coworking spaces and conference spaces to cater to your various requirements. As all facilities are available under one roof, you don't have to run around arranging for different spaces whenever you require a new space.

Why use Coworking?

While working from home might be a good option for some, others prefer to rent and commute to a coworking office daily. Here are the advantages of shared office space:

Reduced Stress

Having an office space means that you can leave work at the office at the end of the day. Working from home can turn stressful, especially if you don't have a separate home office or segregated workspace to work. Furthermore, many people who work at home feel guilty if they don't work all the time. This, in turn, could lead to tension with other family members and make it difficult for you to relax at any time.

Improved Time Management

A significant hassle while working from home is the numerous distractions that come your way – it could come in the form of kids, pets, neighbours, delivery agents, televisions, kitchens, and books. People often find minimising workday interruptions difficult, so all these interruptions could stretch an eight-hour workday into a twelve or fourteen-hour one.

Better Social Interaction

While social interaction isn't high on everyone's list, it is essential to maintain some levels of social interaction. A coworking space offers that opportunity without affecting your schedule. Getting out talking and interacting with people in a business setting also improves your social and mental well-being.

Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces can be great places for sourcing referrals. You'll get numerous networking opportunities without stepping out of the office space. Most coworking spaces will be home to a diverse and creative set of people, and you can easily network with them.

Professional Settings

Shared office space offers telecommuters and freelancers a highly functional and professional space to meet with clients. There is no need to run around the town for a good coffee shop where you can meet the client to discuss business proposals. Also, all tools of the trade will be available so that you can use any facilities as required.

Low Maintenance Requirement

My working space offered by Christie Spaces offers a wide range of amenities as they assume the responsibility for maintaining offices and shared equipment. It means you can run your office at low maintenance.

Less Expensive and Risky Than Private Office Rental

While renting a private office has its advantage, it can be a pricey option for many, mainly if you live in a large city. The rents are usually high for such spaces. Furthermore, you will have to bear the costs of office furniture, equipment, utility bills, the space's cleaning, and building maintenance. Some landlords may require you to sign long-term leases, which would mean you'll have to pay the rent even when you can afford or need it. As coworking office spaces allow members to share the costs of utilities, office equipment, and other amenities, it would work out cheaper.

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04 November 2022

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