Riddle Friday's

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In some of our properties, we host a regular 'Riddle Friday' at the reception desk. Every Friday morning, head down to solve our riddle and win yourself a free coffee! The first 5 correct answers win!

Test out your expertise with some of our past riddles below:


Q: What will you find in the centre of Toronto?

A: The letter 'O'!


Q: There are 30 cows in a field, and 28 chickens. How many didn't?

A: 10!


Q: I shave everyday, but still have a beard. What am I?

A: A barber!


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Let's throw on some lederhosen and celebrate German culture with some beers, bratwurst and pretzels!

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R U OK? Day

Every R U OK? Day we like to hold a cupcake sale to raise awareness and funds for this important day!


International Donut Day

Whether you're a fan of sprinkles, jam-filled, pink icing or just a good ol' fashioned cinnamon donut - we've got a complimentary donut for you!

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Cinco De Mayo

Join us for a Mexican fiesta to celebrate independence on the 5th of May!