At Christie Spaces, we realise the importance of businesses to act in a manner that promotes good environmental and socially responsible choices.

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Each Christie Spaces property has a designated recycling refuse for plastics, paper and cardboard. Near our photocopying stations are dedicated paper and cardboards recycling bins, and for the building as a whole - or by special request - our basements and carparks can accept bulk amounts of cardboard and paper to be collected and recycled. Where possible the paper supplied by Christie Spaces is also recycled.

Corporate Sponsorships

We are proud sponsors of our coworking members and NGO - Assistance Dogs Australia who support people with disabilities. through this charity, we have our very own sponsored dog in training. Follow our sponsored puppy Christie through her development on our social media feeds! We also offer reduced rent and financial donations to other members of our community such as Results Australia and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Charitable Fundraising

Throughout the year, we actively invite of our team, tenants and clients to participate in donation schemes and charitable events such as: 

  • Our annual Christmas charity drives for organisations such as: Rize Up, 3rd Space etc
  • Participation and fundraising for Steptember, Movember, RSPCA Cupcake Day, the Biggest Morning Tea and R U OK? day etc.
  • Winter clothing appeals during the colder months

Anti-Discrimination & Inclusion

Christie Spaces operates as an inclusive and safe workplace for people of all genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, religions and communities. We follow Australian law on anti-discrimination in all operations on our premises. We also aim to highlight the celebration of culturally and socially diverse events, such as International Women's Day, Mardi Gras and Pride events, Eid, NAIDOC week, etc.

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Christie Spaces is proud to support our members at 3 Spring Street in Sydney, Assistance Dogs Australia with a corporate sponsorship. Through a two-year sponsorship, we are helping to raise, train and partner an assistance dog to help an Australian with disabilities.

Our sponsored puppy Christie is currently completing her training with flying colours and we're looking forward to her beginning such an important role! You can meet Christie at one of hosted sponsor events for Assistance Dogs Australia at our Spring Street location in Sydney.

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Environmental programs

As a company with seven national locations, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate our practices and minimise our environmental impact.

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ChristIe Spaces Private Offices 240 Queen St Brisbane
  • Group 226

    Recycling for plastics, paper and cardboard

  • Group 227

    Seasonal and alternated air conditioning systems

  • Group 228

    Spaces are fitted with timers on lights and screens

  • Group 230

    Paperless communication systems

  • Group 229

    Reusable and recyclable kitchenware

Christie Spaces believes in practicing good social and environmental policies throughout our entire business, team and community.

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